Q - e. shawn qaissaunee (kay-saw-nee)

More Than Happy

by Fraticelli Qaissaunee Scarano

Released 2017
Hafgan Music
Released 2017
Hafgan Music
Elements of jazz, rock, country, swing and much more make this trio an exciting, engaging and eclectic ensemble.
Solid performers on their own, Jason Fraticelli (bass), E. Shawn Qaissaunee (guitar) and Matt Scarano (drums) come together to create a fiery mix of improvisational interplay. It is easy to hear the intense amount of fun this solid trio is having on this session. Guests Greg Riley on sax and John Swana on EVI jump in effortlessly and ride the musical wave.
Composer credits:
More Than Happy - Qaissaunee
These are the Good Ol' Days …
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